The Bible Geek thanks several Patreon supporters and answers the following questions:

  • What do you think of the theory that, since in Romans 1:3-4 Jesus is said to become God’s son via resurrection, and 1 Cor 15 says Christians will share that resurrection, hence sonship, thus becoming Jesus’ fellow-sons, brothers, that James the brother of the Lord simply means James was a martyr awaiting resurrection?
  • You once proposed the formation of a modern secular Lyceum. I was fascinated by the idea, and wondered if you could expound on it.
  • Is there any possible basis to the crazy-sounding theory that the Canaanites deserved to be exterminated since they were the offspring of demons and mortal women?
  • What do you make of John w21:1:19, in which Jesus speaks of love as “agape” and Peter uses the word “philea”?
  • Eisenman says that Paul was a Herodian and created a version of Christianity aimed at discrediting James-Christianity. Why would he go to that trouble? Why not just argue against it?
  • Did the Judaizing/historicizing efforts of emerging Catholicism invent the concept of the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, or can this concept be traced to nearby pagan religions?
  • Ignatius’s Epistle to the Ephesians says that “as [Christ] represents the mind of the Father, so our bishops … represent the mind of Jesus Christ.” Thus the “conduct and practice” of church members should correspond with the mind of their bishop. Certainly, this seems to place Christ lower in the hierarchy than the Father, doesn’t it? Either that or it seems to indicate the bishops actually have insights into the mind of the Father, through Christ, in which case it seems to raise the bishops’ stature.
    Is there any religious practice, either in an early Christianity, competing mystery school, or other religion from the time where the transmission of holy power is as described in John 20:22, through breathing it out onto the assembled devotees?
  • Do you have any idea how the book of Luke can end so nicely and the book of Acts end like a television series does when the budget is cut without notice?