August 2016

2016-08-11T13:39:38-04:00   The Bible Geek thanks several Patreon supporters and answers the following questions: What do you think of the theory that, since in Romans 1:3-4 Jesus is said to become God’s son via resurrection, and 1 Cor 15 says Christians will share that resurrection, hence sonship, thus becoming Jesus’ fellow-sons, brothers, that James the brother [...]


The Value of Theology for Atheists


Richard Dawkins has ventured the opinion that theologians are experts in a subject without any subject matter. I take him to mean they are engaged in nothing but “mental masturbation.” They are, he thinks, like a group of Star Wars fans I once knew who believed the events of the movie were real, but in [...]

The Value of Theology for Atheists2016-08-04T01:40:39-04:00
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